Sahana has extensive experience in Implementing, Developing and Integrating applications in the Telecom Industry. It has a large pool of consultants coming from its Telecom-Biz projects with proficiency in n-Tier Architecture and technical expertise on different platforms and suites of products. All in all, Sahana has accumulated over 200,000 person months of experience in diverse business domains and technology areas especially in the telecom vertical. Sahana helps Enterprises in strategising and consolidating its IT needs ranging from Right sizing and right shoring to application development. Integration services ranging from intra enterprise application integration through cross enterprise integration to complete process automation helps Sahana being an IT partner of choice.

Sahana team is familiar with the architecture, design, development, implementation and maintenance of various telecom technologies, including SS7 protocol stacks and signaling interfaces. Sahana provides system level software and protocol stack development to support many Telecom application systems. Our development team has created custom device drivers, APIs, protocols, and other system level software development services for the various Telecom products for many different hardware technologies.

The Sahana team has developed expertise in Telecom switching systems, terminal equipment design, CTI related products, Network Management Software, Telecom Protocols, ISDN, VOIP and Internet applications.



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