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Sahana Software Technologies Pvt Ltd is a Global Technology and Consulting company catering to the IT requirements of a companies in India and overseas .We have established ourselves as one of the leading IT service providers and focused on custom software and web solutions for businesses worldwide. Our mission is to deliver cost effective, quality-centric, timelines and scalable solutions thus helping our clients and partners to achieve outstanding business results and generate great returns and Our vision for the future is further endorsed by our core values: Our work can be mainly categorized into 2 segments - Application Development in an offshore-onsite model and IT Consulting

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Why Choose Us?

SAHANA provides consulting support to technology companies in the areas of software process engineering and quality management. The aim of such services is to support organizations in their attempt to become more productive and ensure efficient software development. Thus, helping them produce software of globally accepted standards.


  • Highly flexible to adapt for customer needs and changes.
  • Small and highly committed team.
  • Can expect high level of service and response levels.
  • Decision making is very quick and certain.
  • Projects are reviewed and monitored periodically by the senior management.
  • Cost of service is low due to small overheads.
  • High ability to ramp up project team sizes of up to customer needs in very short duration.
  • Intellectual property will be retained to a greater extent due to management's focus and strict controls.
  • Senior management team gets involved in delivery and customer escalations
  • Management is aggressive and committed to serve customers.

To Serve

We achieve this through a spirit of excellent service, exceeding the core requirements of our industry.

To Trust

We are respectful. We value our customer, relationships and treat people well.

Simultaneous Promotion Of All Interests

We see the bigger picture. Our business must always benefit society as a whole.

Striving For Perfection

We always seek to improve and innovate. We're here to delight our clients and employees in everything we do, right down to the smallest detail. This gives us the edge.

Our Services

SAHANA provides application development services for web enabled and database applications for Client/Server, AS/400 and Mainframe platforms. With the aid of skilled personnel and vast experience in developing applications, we pride ourselves on reducing cycle time while maintaining the highest quality standards.
The scarce supply of skilled programmers in today's corporate environment has caused many new development initiatives to be delayed due to existing staff having to focus their limited time on supporting and maintaining existing legacy applications. By utilizing SAHANA maintenance & support services,
Apart from development and maintenance, SAHANA provides production support services where the abends, errors in the running applications are monitored online and the required fixes are done within the SLAs time.SAHANA Customer Support Center operates on required basis and is the central point of contact for tracking problems and monitoring changes made to applications.
SAHANA offers software re-engineering and migration services which includes code conversion, data conversion and migration from one technology to another and system re-documentation etc.
SAHANA has been offering analysis and support for insurance products, an unique service offering that is seldom available in IT market. SAHANA has skilled resources with strong background in Mathematics and Statistics who have been providing these services.
SAHANA testing services are designed to address the challenges faced in software testing to release error-free software applications and products. SAHANA has been providing manual and automated testing services. Our professionals have extensive experience in testing of various software applications, generation of test scripts and test cases.
Sahana has hosting plans to choose from and 100’s of knowledgeable customer service representatives waiting to help you make the right choice. Take advantage to choose a hosting plan that suits your requirements. If none of the plans do justice to your requirements we will create a custom plan to suffice your needs.Along with web hosting you will get a FREE control panel, FREE database manager, FREE security features and a FREE URL. You can also upgrade to a higher plan without experiencing any downtime. This makes us the Trusted and reliable web hosting Brand in India.
Selecting a domain name is one of the most important decisions you make your company as this needs to represent your company’s values, its identity and the services or products that you offer. After you have made your decision you have to check whether that particular domain name is available for registration. You can check by typing in the desired website domain name in the search field.All the famous extensions like as .com, .net, .org, .in etc are available at web hosting. After choosing the domain name and extension of your choice all you need to do is continue with a simple registration process. You have a choice to register your domain for 1 year up to 5 years. We specialize in domain registration and we are the leading website hosting server providers in the country


  • Address: # 87/ 2RT, Khaleel Manzil,
    SR Nagar, Hyderabad,
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: www.sahanasoft.com
  • Phone no: 8121316700

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